I graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1967, followed by four years of active service including a one year combat tour on PBRs in Viet Nam.


After some wandering, I earned a Masters in Social work in 1977, followed by a Ph.D. in Medical Psychology in 1984 from the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences.


I have worked as a Psychologist in hospitals, chronic pain treament centers, corrections, and community mental health centers.


I directed the Specialized Care Program of the Deployment Health Clinical Center at Walter Reed Army Medical Center for 13 years. We treated veterans with PTSD and/or suffering from medically undiagnosed physical symptoms.


I have had a private practice since 1995, first in Columbia, MD now in Austin, TX


I have presented papers and/or workshops for numerous organizations including the American Psychological Association and the American Academy of Psychotherapists.


My wife, Phyllis, is also a therapist and we have been married for over thirty years and have one son.